White Tork Elevation Liquid and Spray Soap Dispenser (S1/S11)

The Tork Liquid and Spray Soap Dispenser in Elevation Design fits into high-traffic washrooms where efficiency is key and can be used with a wide range of Tork skincare products in sealed bottles. With a capacity to hold up to 1 Litre of soap it will give up to 1000 doses of soap before needing to be refilled. When refilling is required, the intuitive design enables a quick and easy refill, proven by 'Easy to Use Certification' by the Swedish Rheumatism Association.

These Elevation dispensers have a seamless, functional and modern design that makes a lasting impression on your guests with its high gloss plastic housing and elegant form that will compliment any decor. Along with being aesthetically pleasing, the sturdy and durable plastic material and rounded corners also makes for easy cleaning with a drip free design keeping floors and surfaces clean too.

System: S1 - Liquid Soap System, S11 - Spray Soap System
Colour: White
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 296mm x 112mm x 114mm
Manufacturer Code: 560000

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