White Tork Elevation Foam Dispenser with Intuition™ Sensor

The White Tork Skincare Dispenser with Intuition Sensor fits into all washrooms and can be used with a wide range of Tork skincare products in sealed bottles. It is 'Easy to Use' approved and provides good hand hygiene for all users with a low force push. With a capacity to hold up to 1 Litre it will give up to 2500 doses when used with matching foam soap refills, offering a fantastic cost-per-use to give huge financial savings, as well as cutting down on how often staff need to refill the dispenser.

With its reliable performance and LED refill indicator that shows when maintenance is needed, it delivers peace of mind it is a must have for any washroom setting. Once refill is required, its certified intuitive refilling in less than 10 seconds makes refilling the dispenser a quick and easy task, certified by Swedish Rheumatism Association, that was tested by people with limited hand strength.

This low maintenance dispenser has a functional and modern design, that makes a lasting impression on your guests with its high gloss plastic finish that will compliment any washroom decor. Along with being aesthetically pleasing, the tough plastic build gives the dispenser great stregth and durability to endure the rigorous demands of daily use in any high volume washroom or public toilet.

System: S4 - Foam Soap System
Colour: White

Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 27.8mm x 112mm x 128mm
Manufacturer Code: 561600

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