White Tealight 4.5 Hour Candles (Box 200)

Tealights are the perfect candles to light up any time for any situation, thanks to their small shape and bright flame. Whether you want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home or set the right mood for your customers in catering sector these candles are the way to go.

  • Simple and incomparably easy to use,
  • Combine with tealight holder to create warm and comfortable atmosphere,
  • The Cheapest way of bringing ambiance into your space,
  • High quality wick and the right blend of wax ensures that tealights burn a bright, stable and large flame that can be lit up again later without any problem,
  • Suitable for all functional purposes, such as plate warmers and classic teapots,
  • Packed in a convenient box of 200 to get you the best value for money,
  • Made from Paraffin/vegetable wax with aluminium candle cup,
  • Available in various burn times ranging from 4 to 10 hrs

Colour White
Size  39  x  14mm
Burn Time 4.5 hours

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Box 200
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