Vileda Professional SuperMop Head Green

This Green coded Vileda Professional SuperMop is a compact socket mop system for use in small hard floor areas in cafés, restaurants, hotels, kitchens, canteens, bathrooms and many more places.

The unique construction of the SuperMop hinders the growth and multiplication of bacteria and now contains silver ions that inhibit 99.99 % of bacteria growth within the mop.

MicroCott is a mix of cotton and microfibre bringing superior cleaning compared to conventional bulky cotton mops.
It combines the high absorption of cotton with the excellent cleaning efficiency of microfibers.

  • Independently tested to inhibit bacteria growth
  • Oval design allows easy cleaning of corners
  • Very high restance to detergents & bleaches
  • Highly absorbent for spill pick up
  • Releases liquids easily during wringing, to leave floors drier and back in use faster
  • Colour coded in 4 colours to avoid cross contamination
  • Suitable for use with a 10lite or 5litre bucket and press systems.
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