Tork Pink Perfumed Foam Soap 800ml

Give your visitors a luxurious, pleasantly fragranced foaming hand wash, leaving their hands soft and smooth. Suitable for S34 Tork Foam Soap Dispensers, which are proven easy to use and provide good hand hygiene to all users. With a sealed refill and the single use pump, it reduces the risk of cross contamination, making the system very hygienic.

Each 800 Litre bottle allows up to 2000 doses of soap, reducing the number of times members of staff are required to refill the dispenser, and perfect for the demands of daily use in any high volume washroom or public toilet. One of the other benefits to this soap is that it provides portion control that will prevent overuse and waste.

System: S34 - Foam Soap Dispenser
Appearance: White Foam
Colour: Pink
Number Of Doses: 2000
Volume: 800ml
Fragrance: Perfumed
Gross Weight: 889gg
Manufacturer Code: 470022

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