HypaCool Compact Instant Cold Pack 12.5 x 15cm (pack 24)

HypaCool Instant Cold Packs are designed to provide instant cold therapy treatment for a range of injuries, including sprains and strains, during the acute stages of injury when it is most required and without the need for a freezer or ice box.

Chemically-activated instant ice packs are ideal for use in sports such as football, rugby and hockey matches where pitches may be located away from a fully stocked first aid room, in the workplace, or when hiking, cycling, climbing etc. It’s a fast, easy and mess free way to provide emergency cold therapy.

Activate the pack by squeezing and shaking to mix the contents. These single-use ice packs do not require a freezer or any kind of pre-cooling.
After use, simply dispose in ordinary household waste.

Do not apply directly to skin, use barrier to prevent frostbite (dressing, therapy sleeve etc).

Our compact HypaCool Cold Packs are ideal for treating children or minor injuries and fit in smaller first aid boxes.

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