Face Masks 5ply FFP2 NR WHITE

FFP2 Face Mask Certified
CE EN149:2001+ A1 2019 Certified

Individually packed FFP2 NR Face Masks in sealed packaging secured with soft elastic ear-bands to reduce irritation.
One size fits all in a 3D shape and ergonomically designed to the face to ensure a secure fit and increases the breathing capability of the mask. This mask has a 5 Layers Filtration System making the Bacterial Filtration Efficiency up to 95%.

Designed to cover the nose and mouth in order to reduce the risk of cross-infection. By wearing a face mask you will reduce the number of germs that you release, helping to protect others. These disposable masks can help to prevent harmful airborne substances from entering the respiratory system and prevent pathogens from being spread by the wearer.

This mask is designed for general use, it is not suitable for medical use.
The mask should be discarded after use.

Storage Conditions and Methods:
Store room temperature 10-30 C at less than 70% relative humidityand avoid direct sunlight exposure. Well ventilated and clean environment without corrosive gas, please do not use if product gets mildewed or deteriorated due to improper storage.

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