Blue 1ply Tork Reflex™ Wiping Paper 6x270m

This 1-ply multipurpose Tork Reflex™ Wiping Paper is ideal for wiping tasks and hand wiping, due to its strength and high absorption. Another feature of the Tork Reflex™ Wiping Paper is that it is particularly good for cleaning glass, as it does not leaven any lint oor streaks on surfaces.

This paper can be used in the Tork Reflex™ single-sheet centrefeed dispenser, which fits your team’s workflow, cuts down consumption, and minimises the risk of cross-contamination. With the single sheet dispensing feature it will reduce consumption by up to 37%, and one the centrefeed does require refilling the SmartCore® core removal allows for fast and easy refilling.

System: M4 - Reflex Centrefeed Roll System
Roll Length: 270m
Roll Width: 19.4cm
Roll Diameter: 19cm
No. of Sheets: 771
Sheet Length: 35cm
Core Inner Diameter: 5.9cm
Ply: 1
Print: No
Colour: Blue

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6 x 270m
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