AirPure Air Freshener Dispenser (Simple to Use)

AirPure® Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser

Easy to operate with no programming, simple move the swith to 9 or 18 or 36 minutes.

  • Time release fragrance
  • Spray intervals of 9 or 18 or 36 minutes
  • Batteries Included
  • Air Freshener & Odour Neutraliser
  • Wall mount or just sit on a counter/table
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Read safety instructions before use.

1. Open the Airpure Automatic by pressing down on the button on the top of the machine and pull open.Ensure your fingers are not on the seam of the machine.

2. Then insert the aerosol refill with the nozzle facing out, directing the Airpure Automatic away from your face.

3. Close the machine. Direct your device away from your face and select the desired automatic timing for the machine from the dial on the back. When activated the Airpure Automatic will spray within 5-15 seconds.

4. Directing the Airpure Automatic away from your face, place where you desire. Ensure that it is at least 2m from the floor level.

5. The device has a red light which will flash when the aerosol refill is nearly empty and indicate the Airpure Automatic will soon stop working. The aerosol refill will require changing when the fragrance no longer sprays. Directing the device away from your face, turn the switch on the back of the device to the ‘OFF’ position, replace the aerosol refill, then repeat from step 1 of the directions for use. The red light will also flash to indicate when the batteries are becoming low and will need replacing soon.